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Today is 17 Agustus



Today is the independence day of my country, Indonesia. 75 years ago.

The day is quiet and calm, there was no fireworks party last night, didn’t like last year which was lively with cannon shots, fireworks in the sky, and free entertainment performances by local artists and Indonesian artists.

This year we celebrate it in a different way because we still maintain social distancing to prevent config.

We celebrate by sending congratulations and videos for Indonesia’s Independence Day through virtual/ handphone.



Even though I am saddened by the last situation, we are still grateful and hope that we will all be strong through it together.

Some memories I can share:


Nederlands Foto museum-Trooper Museum-KITLV

Song: Di wajahmu kulihat bulan-Ciptaan: Ismail Marzuki


I believe whatever we do is about “LOVE”

Love for living, for families, for nations, and for our planet earth.

Let’s do little things that have a big meaning. That’s what the earth needs to survive and for the world to keep going. Balance, Peace! and Cheers!

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